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Our Wedding Day

I am Tanya E. Hood. A wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur, and a native of Washington, DC.  You could literally walk to the end of the street I grew up on and see the United States Capitol Building.  As an entrepreneur, it simply means that I have worn a lot of different hats in my life that has helped me develop a full range of strategies and actionable steps that I have used to help my clients make a strategic impact both personally and professionally to have better than what life has been giving them.

If you read my book, you know I got married at 21.  After an 11-year marriage, I found myself going through a divorce having to raise my 2 sons alone. I use to share my story and to help you navigate the hurdles you experience in relationships to build a firmer foundation for yourselves and those around you by teaching you strategies and skills that provide life-changing solutions to grow and develop so you can have better in life. 

I am now married to Eric B. Hood, author of “It’s All About ME: Motivation and Encouragement.”  We have 3 children, Erica M. Hood, Derrick M. Butler II, Justice D.C. Butler, and a host of God-children. I am an Electrical Engineer by discipline, a Project Manager by trade, and a Certified Practitioner of organizational and assessment development.  I am also a lifetime member of Blacks In Government (BIG) where I was an instructor at the National Training Institute Conference.  I am a member of First Baptist Church of Highland Park, in Landover, MD.  I am very avid about my faith and trust in God with all I do because without His grace and power I could do nothing.  My goal is to not only have a positive effect on myself and my family - but also to inspire, motivate, and create lasting change in everyone I encounter. 

I persevered the chaos and trauma and developed a full range of strategies and actionable steps for my clients to give them a strategic impact both personally and professionally to have better than what life is giving.  My premier book entitled: “Red Alert: Is He The One?: Pocket Guide To Finding The Love of Your Life” and companion workbook deepen the insights that I provide to my clients and shares solutions to navigate the hurdles that hinder them from making life-altering changes.   

I utilize strategic techniques gained in real estate investing and credit restoration to help my clients build a firmer financial foundation.  I help my clients make decisions that provide high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risk. I also teach you how to develop networks, build alliances, and strategically utilize your resources and understand the process of lease options to help you establish a sound real estate investment strategy. 



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