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•Red Alert: Is He the One? Pocket Guide Electronic

•Red Alert: Is He the One? Electronic Workbook

•15 Minute 1-1 – Let’s Talk Session

Red Alert Bonus Package



Red Alert: Is He the One? Electronic Workbook

Electronic Version


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•Red Alert: Is He the One? Pocket Guide Electronic

•Red Alert: Is He the One? Electronic Workbook

Red Alert Premier Electronic Bundle


Maximize Evolution is an action-focused step method process in order to make the best out of any situation.

Available in Paperback and Electronic

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An unedited, unfiltered, raw-- pure from the hearts and lives of the authors.

Your Voice Matters

Joyfully In His Care: Women Living In All Circumstances

Collaboration with the women of
First Baptist Church of Highland Park

Available in Paperback and Electronic

Sandra Price

The author candidly shares her experiences and she shares the lessons learned with dignity and humility. Tanya extends these hard-won lessons to those of us ready to move forward in our journey towards a healthy relationship with a husband. There were several times where I had to put the book down and reflect and process. I particularly liked the tool of autopsying past relationships. Why did it die? How did I contribute to it death? What must be done so that I may heal and my soul be restored? This book is a great tool for those ready to take inventory and for those who are ready to embrace emotional honesty, which can sometimes get skewed in a relationship’s breakdown. Red Alert is a must read!!

Davena Archie

Dealing with a breakup is always hard. This book helped me to laugh, cry and gave me positive insight to myself. The scriptures are most helpful when feeling hopeless. I would recommend this book to anyone experiencing a fresh heartbreak it’s very useful and well written.

Tiffany Alexander

Before reading Red Alert, I was certain that I was the "COMPLETE" cause for all the unhealthy relationships I'd been in. After reading the book, I know it was me! I was searching in all the wrong places, and accepting all the wrong things. This pocket guide help put everything in perspective about the who, what, when, where and how of picking/ finding the right one. I have been truly blessed by this book! Many thanks to the author!

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