Red Alert
Is He The One

ISBN-10: 0996995382

ISBN-13: 978-0996995382

This book was birthed from hard lessons in love and from the desire to have better than what I was getting. As women, we were designed to love, so we go searching to find the love we feel we need. Usually we end up with the user, the idiot, or the smooth talker that does absolutely nothing to further our growth and development. There are good men out there, but you usually end up treading through the fake ones to get to the gems. This guide will help you weed through the mess.

•Red Alert: Is He the One? Pocket Guide Paperback

•Red Alert: Is He the One? Electronic Workbook

•15 Minute 1-1 – Let’s Talk Session

Red Alert Bonus Package


Red Alert: Is He the One? Electronic Workbook

Electronic Version


Red Alert: Is He the One? Paperback Workbook

Paperback Workbook


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