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Life Doesn't Have to Suck

The alarm goes off, you look at the time to decide if you can hit the snooze button one more time. You sit up and begin to think do I really have to do this another day. You have a great job. You like most of your coworkers and you make good money, but you know in the recesses of your soul that you are walking aimlessly through life.

You are living day-by-day waiting for life to go by.

For some people, this goes on for years. They go to work. They come home. They prepare what they need and then repeat the process. They never consider or think that things can be different. If this sounds anything like you, I want you to know that you can create the life that you desire.

Life doesn’t have to suck.

This rut in your life may be because you are living in the center of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone has you positioned right where you are today. The only way out is to make the changes necessary to create the future you desire.

I know. It won’t be easy.

I know. It will be scary, but I also know it can be done because I did it.

You simply have to answer the question, “What are you willing to invest to make the changes that you want in your life at this moment.” Sometimes you have to invest in an education that will help you gain insight to make the changes you desire. Sometimes you have to remove people, places, or things that are no longer supporting you. You are not the same person you were 5-years ago. Evaluate what you need today and then make the necessary adjustments.

Try taking small consistent steps that move you into a greater level of illumination. This will help you remove the mountains and hurdles that you feel you have to cross to reach your next level. One thing you can do is what a special guest on my podcast, Red Alert Diaries shared. Paul Levin said to find 15 minutes of joy.

That 15 minutes of joy can be anything you like. Maybe it’s listening to music. Maybe it’s cooking your favorite meal or playing your favorite mobile game. If you do not know what that 15-minute activity is, I encourage you to find out today. Take a few moments to discover what makes you happy. It’s in those small moments that you will begin to uncover what you need to move into your next trajectory.

One of the things I did was decide to change anything that was not serving my current needs. Take the time to see what you have in your world today and if it really fits what you desire.

For some individuals, a higher calling may be the catalyst that you need to make the changes in your life. I know this was true for me once I moved past the pain and trauma in my life.

Maybe you need the same but no matter what make the decision to step outside your comfort zone and move into your next trajectory so your life doesn't suck!

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