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Made With Purpose!

Updated: May 20, 2023

I don't know if you were ever told that you were born in purpose, on purpose, for purpose. I have shared this with my children from the time they were born.

My goal was to let this reach the recesses of their soul. Once you know you have purpose in life it gives you a different drive and motive to accomplish your desires. I discovered that purpose is found right in the middle of your natural gifts, your passions, and your experiences. Take some time to learn what your gifts are. You discover your gifts by looking at what you're good at, looking at what comes easy to you, that place where excellence is the automatic result of what you do.

If you're like I once was and unsure what your gifts are, ask somebody what is it that you do that amazes them every time. That thing they say is more likely the one thing that you do with no effort at all because it comes to you naturally. That's your gift. That thing you do the absolute best with no effort at all.

Here's something I did and still do, I Journal. I write my thoughts, my experiences, and my desires. This has helped me discover my purpose. For years I had no clue what my gifts were. I had very little understanding of my passions because I was so focused on making sure everyone around me was OK.

Service is one of my natural gifts, I never knew it until someone told me. I have a natural desire to want to help people. Knowing the value of journaling helped me to write my premier book, “Red Alert: Is He The One?: Pocket Guide To Finding The Love of Your Life.”

Take the time you need to focus on finding your purpose.

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