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Sometimes It Takes Small Steps!

Success is a byproduct of preparation and determination. You must decide to become disciplined to achieve success, otherwise, carelessness and complacency will destroy any effort you put forth to be better. Complacency often takes place when people feel overwhelmed. I want to encourage you to take it step by step.

Writing my premier book, “Red Alert: Is He The One?: Pocket Guide To Finding The Love of Your Life,” was not an easy task. To prepare the strategies and insights I share in the book, I needed to look at the trauma I had already overcome. I needed to recognize that I had already learned how to navigate the hurdles of broken relationships that life throws at me. There is something that you have already survived. What is it? The strength it took to get past that moment will help you develop the discipline you need now to press past the relationship breakdowns and financial setbacks.

I have survived the ravages of divorce, the breakdown from unemployment, and the financial setbacks that ripped my credit apart and almost left me homeless. I did not have the luxury of being careless or complacent with my actions. There was too much at stake.

Here’s something else I want to share with you. You must prepare to receive a major blessing and its overflow. You don’t always start off with the experience or the character to handle success. I had to grow into the success of my life. I had to prepare for the opportunities to be interviewed, attend speaking engagements, develop workshops, and do so much more. Being careless and complacent was not going to prepare me for success. Right now, I am working with mentors and coaches to prepare for my next level of success. You have to put yourself in the best possible position for the blessing and the overflow when it shows up. Making a financial investment in your personal growth and development will help you achieve success.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Take baby steps and get someone to help you along the way. You can always inbox me so we can navigate the hurdles together!!

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