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What’s Your Personality Color?

If you read my book you know I went through several personality tests to get a better understanding about myself. Having a better understanding of yourself can help you navigate change. A very simple way of knowing this is to know your personality color? Most people don’t think colors have any impact on their choices, feelings and behaviors. According to proponents of color psychology your favorite color says a lot about your physical, mental and emotional states. Similarly, colors you dislike give more insight about your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

For those who struggle to define their favorite color, it’s generally suggested to look for patterns in your choice of clothing and decorative items. Oftentimes you will find a tendency to choose specific colors, which suggests that these are your personality colors. Also, changes in life circumstances can prompt a change of color preference. Your new color preference may help you develop new qualities necessary to deal with your new life circumstances. Keep in mind that color psychology is not an exact science and you may not exhibit all characteristics, but you are likely to find yourself somewhere in the description.

Now, let’s take a look at a few colors.


People whose favorite color is red tend to be quite active, cheerful and optimistic. They love attention and are willing to work for it. This isn’t hard though because they are so energetic and joyful that people just want to be around them in hopes that their joy and happiness will rub off on them too. They love originality and strive to bring something new to whatever environment that they’re in.


People whose favorite color is blue tend to have a fixed set of principles and a desire to live according to these principles. According to research blue is one of the most popular colors, especially for men. In fact, the color blue has the ability to lower blood pressure. People tend to be more productive in blue rooms and blue is hands down the most popular color for businesses. People with this personality type value their friends and family and rarely venture outside their own social circle. They stick to traditions and have a strong dislike for extravagance and unpredictability.


People whose favorite color is green are characterized by loyalty and faithfulness. These are very caring individuals who make excellent friends and partners. They sincerely care about you and your well-being. In fact, they tend to forget their own needs while taking care of others. Their ability to see the big picture helps them make correct decisions. This allows them to be efficient business owners. They are pleasant to be around, and they will typically have a large network of friends and acquaintances.


People whose favorite color is yellow tend to be perfectionists and dreamers. They have high expectations and big plans. They are also fun and exciting to be around. Their sophisticated manners combined with a great sense of humor makes them excellent company and desired by many. They worry about their family and children and will call to check on them many times a day. They prefer a small circle of friends. For leisure, they enjoy games that require analyzing and strategizing, like puzzles and crosswords. People with personality type yellow, don’t mind being alone and are very self-sufficient.


People whose favorite color is white are typically looking for simplicity, openness and purity. The color white is strongly associated with youth and innocence. However, children rarely mention this as their favorite color. They prefer more intense brighter colors. The preference for white forms later in life, often in middle age. A consistent choice of white over other colors shows confidence in oneself, openness, and a tendency to strive for perfection. White is also associated with courage. White cannot hide imperfections, so if you are wearing white you are usually perceived as a very open, sincere and brave person.


People whose favorite color is black tend to be independent and strong-willed. Not everyone understands the refined beauty of the color black. It represents confidence, strength and sophistication. It is interesting to note that the color black is not treated as an ordinary color by different cultures and even different people within the same culture. Usually it is assigned deeper meaning than other colors. For example, some may see black as a color of mourning and associate it with sadness. Others may see it as a color of mystery, think dark sunglasses, cars with tinted windows, mysterious stranger on a black horse and black cats. Some believe it can enhance sexual attractiveness; many women prefer black lingerie. And yet there are some others who wear black as a sign of rebellion. The color black is loved by fashionistas, partly because black makes you instantly slimmer.

If you love black and often wear black, you might have issues with people who tend to assign negative meanings to this color. Since it is assigned such deep and negative meaning some may misinterpret your personality and emotional state the same way. This isn’t to suggest that you should change your color. If it makes you feel stronger, more attractive and more confident, by all means wear it! Color psychologists have described black as decisive, powerful and confident. People with this personality type tend to make excellent leaders or entrepreneurs.

So, what’s your favorite color? Does it match your personality? Take a moment and gain a better understanding of yourself. By the way, my favorite color is teal, a beautiful blend of blue and green.

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