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Soon to Come

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

I started writing my new book. Yes, I'm old school with this paper and pen, but at least I have a fabulous spot to do it in. Writing, you would think, is really simple, especially since you’ve lived the story. Writing my first book was very momentous. The joy that passed through me as I held the first copy of my book in my hands is something I will never be able to fully express. The journey to get to that point, tho, was extremely hard.

I'm a pretty private person. It took me several years to decide to put a portion of my life on paper. By doing so I opened myself up to everyone who reads it. My thoughts are revealed to the world. My flaws are exposed for all to see. It's difficult on a regular basis to share who you are in general conversation, but when you write a book you seal those aspects of who you are in print forever.

I wrote my premier book, Red Alert - Is He the One? The Pocket Guide to Finding the love of your life, to share the lessons I learned in the aftermath of my divorce. Writing that book exposed my vulnerabilities. I took the chance to reveal parts of myself, so others could get the help they needed from it. I never had trouble sharing lessons. I was told as a child that when you learn valuable lessons you are responsible to those around you to share that knowledge so that, as a people, we can all get better.

I heard from several people that they are looking forward to the story behind the story telling how I arrived at writing Red Alert. So my next book, “Caution: Work in Progress,” is being fleshed out. As I sit here trying desperately to decide what parts of my life story would be helpful, I realize we all have experiences embedded in each of us to share, to grow through, and higher heights we must reach.

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