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Sometimes we forget about the lion that lives deep in our souls. Take the time you need to know who you are at the core of your being!! When you know the strength you bring to the table, you can build strong relationships even with difficult people you will encounter.

Building strong relationships creates a path that helps you traverse the storms of life. When I chose to dig deeper into the core of my being, I discovered an amazing version of Tanya that I never knew existed.

Choosing to walk in my strength of providing the support I wanted to give and just letting that be enough stopped me from giving more than I had to give, longer than I desired to give it. My decision to operate in my strength allowed me to be open and responsive to the needs of others without compromising my strength and sensibility.

There is power in saying no to things that do not support you. Clearly stating your desires and expectations helps you to operate with an effectiveness that allows those around you to excel as well. Seeing how others grow and find their self-worth brings so much joy to my heart.

It makes me want to roar from the rooftop that:

Your supportive, loving nature is a strength. Just because someone didn't know how to receive it well doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.

Your natural logical, analytical mind is a strength. Just because they thought your planning and processing was too much, doesn't mean they didn't benefit from your strength.

You are goal-oriented and when you choose to do it now there is nothing wrong with wanting things done in a timely manner.

So at the end of the day:

Roar for the part of you that got lost in the chaos of your divorce.

Roar for the part of you that knows there is something greater in store for you.

Roar for the part you that got silenced while you tried to make sure everyone around you was ok.

Roar !!!

Roar !!!

Roar !!!

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