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Uncovering Your True Values: How Your Behavior Reflects What You Believe

You have to be intentional about knowing who you are at the core of your being to do this thing called life. Your identity often aligns with your intentions. Sometimes we think that our identity is external but I want you to consider that the bulk of who you are, the best parts that make up the elements of your being, is internal.

The beliefs and values that you treasure show up in your behavior. Are you intentional about really revealing what that is? Our external outlook typically reflects our internal disposition.

What does yours look like for you?

What do you really believe?

What are you intentional about showing the world?

There will be opportunities in life that will arise that will allow you to demonstrate your intentions. I have found that when you decide in your heart what you intend to do before the situation arises, it doesn’t take long for the opportunity to prove what you believe to show up.

Here is something that is great about being intentional with your efforts. When you decide to be intentional, it helps you to avoid things that go against your values and beliefs. You can focus your efforts and energy to support what you say so that you do not give more than you have to give longer than you desire.

Being intentional is just one topic I am discussing in this year’s 30-Day Living an Authentic Life Challenge. I do this challenge every year in the month of November. I go live every day in the month at 6:30 pm EST. I encourage you to join me. Make sure you register on my website during that time to register. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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