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Basic Truths that Guide You!!

There are some basic truths that often guide our lives. I have 3 that have been very helpful for me.

1. Everything you need is available to you.

Too often we decide to operate with a scarcity mindset. This won’t get you anywhere. You have to believe that what you need will be available when you need it. This was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I'm so glad I learned it. I have stood on this lesson as a foundation that has allowed me to achieve so many accomplishments.

2. You're stronger than you imagined and more powerful than you know.

I learned this by looking at the life of my youngest son. I watched how his tiny little body handled the trauma of a sickle cell crisis that often left him hospitalized for weeks. Watching how he battled through his moments helped me to gather everything within me and draw on strength I never knew existed. This leads me to the next truth.

3. Your next level is coming.

Sometimes you get a feeling in the pit of your soul that where you are isn't where you're supposed to be. Your next level is on the way. It may be waiting on you to finish building the foundation you need to sustain it. I had to learn that my trauma was a training ground to prepare me for my next level of experiences. The turmoil that I thought came to break me actually came to strengthen me for my next level.

I heard someone say that as you count to 100, just remember that you're consistently counting by 10. This really gave me the insight I needed to keep pressing because Level 2 is simply 20. I can reach 30 in no time!!!

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