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Updated: Sep 8, 2018

All of us make hundreds of choices every day.  Most choices have no right or wrong attached to them, like what to wear or what to eat.  We also face decisions that carry a little more weight. We don’t want to do wrong, and we don’t want to cause others to do wrong, so how can we make such decisions?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you want to choose a course of action.

  1. Does it help me do my best?

  2. Is this the best course of action?

  3. Will it hurt someone – mind, body, or soul?

  4. Am I only thinking of myself or do I truly care about the other person?

  5. Am I acting lovingly or selfishly?

For those that believe in a higher power, does it glorify God?

Taking a moment to think through what you’re planning is the best contributor to making good choices.  Also, let’s not forget past lessons.  Today’s pressures make it easy to ignore or forget the lessons of the past.  Your past gave you valuable lessons that are key to your growth and development now.

When we decide to disregard the lessons we learned in the past, we often put ourselves in position to relive some horrors we no longer want to experience.  I share some of my lessons regarding this in chapter 4 of my book.  I discovered patterns in my life by paying attention to my past lessons.  This gave me the wisdom to ask good questions.  Had I forgotten my past lessons, there would be no way for me to share the lessons that I learned so that I can have a positive effect on the people I encounter.

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