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Stuck In Transition!

Life always has a clear beginning. We typically visualize what we would like the end to be. What often happens is that we get stuck with the messy in between. So, how do we navigate the in between?

You can't go back to where you’ve been and you have not yet arrived at where you want to be. It took everything in you to leave the safety of your secure spot to begin with. Getting through this transition will require patience. There's a time factor involved with destiny. Patience is a virtue that you will constantly grow through.

Waiting is never fun, but it is necessary. In the meantime, you're just sitting with the potential to be fantastic. Yes, you must wait, but it's not like you have nothing to do. During this transition, you must prepare for the opportunity so that when it arrives, you’re ready.

  • Are you prepared for your next level?

  • What must you do now to be ready?

  • Do you know where you want to go?

  • Do you know how to get there?

  • Is what you’re currently doing going to take you to your destiny?

I ask you these things because in order for you to get where you want to be, you must have a plan. I have walked through emotional, spiritual, and physical hell to get to the level I thought I needed to be whole. This journey taught me that each of us was born to solve a problem. You are someone's answered prayer. You were born because there is a problem that you are uniquely designed to solve.

Most of the time, in order for you to get to your destination you have to pay better attention to who you are. That search was the best journey I took. I had no idea how much there was about me that I didn't know. As I gained a better understanding of who I am, everything about my world began to change. I then realized I was moving towards the destination that I truly wanted to be in.

I heard TD Jakes say, “the closer you get to your destiny the more you have to get over your history.” This is so true. Some of the things you have been wrestling with in your past had nothing to do with you. The people around you that tried to give lessons and advice did the best they could to give you a foundation to stand on. Take what you learned from them and see if it matches the destiny that you're headed towards now. There's nothing wrong in changing what was given to you in order for you to get to where you feel you truly are supposed to be. Don't sleep on your future because of something that happened in your past. Sometimes your dedication to destiny requires a separation from history.

My desire is to help you navigate the hurdles you experience in life, so you will not have to trip over the land mines that I previously encountered. Let’s do this together! Make a brand new year; a brand new you!!!

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