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Valentine's Everyday!!

There’s a largeness to marriage that you have to grow into. I learned this the hard way. I got married at 21. I just had a baby and I knew this was what I wanted. Hey, I loved him enough to make a baby with him, so this was going to last forever, right…? Eleven years later, I found myself going through a divorce. After 11 years, I just knew we would make it. We passed the business rate of failure, 3-5 years. We made it through the 7-year itch and survived a decade. Besides that, at this point, I had been married for a third of my life. That’s a big chunk, my entire adulthood. I decided to do an autopsy of my divorce and discovered that I needed to become a better version of myself.

Marriage often challenges us to grow. If you choose not to, you can be swallowed by the vastness of expectations and responsibilities. I didn’t understand the magnitude of marriage the first time around. My 2nd marriage, however, has shown me the beauty that comes from that growth. I learned from my current husband that marriage is God’s physical manifestation to the world about what love looks like. In a marriage, you sacrifice. In a marriage, you have to be selfless. In a marriage, you will share more than you imagine. Marriage shows selfless love and unconditional caring. Here’s something else I learned about marriage. It’s about legacy. Your marriage is not just about you. Your marriage is for those around you. Generations will be birthed from your marriage and will have an influence on the world around them. A healthy marriage leaves an impact generations can follow. Valentine’s Day encourages some to take special notice of love. It doesn’t have to stop with just that one day. Imagine, Valentine’s everyday!!

My husband is constantly surprising me with little acts of love daily. He may send me a text message or post something cute on my Facebook page. If you have seen my page before you know. We leave notes to each other all over the house. I may wake up one morning and find a post-it on the mirror. Some days, we turn it into a mini scavenger hunt of love notes.

I challenge you to make Valentine’s Day last longer. Do something that will strengthen the magnitude of your relationship so you can experience the vastness of being married.

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