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What's Over There?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Have you ever felt like where you are isn't where you're supposed to be? I felt like this when I was working at a retail store years ago. I was good at my job. There were plenty of days I really liked what I did, but in the pit of my soul, I felt a longing for what was over there.

“What’s over there?”, I would hear my soul scream on the long bus ride home. “What’s over there?”, I would imagine as I walked through the park with my dog. “What’s over there?” “What’s over there?”

There are many people that would say if you've got the basics covered, good food, a nice home, and a loving family, don't worry about “what's over there.” “Be content with what you have.” “You don't want to be ungrateful.” “There are millions of people that will love to be where you are.” I get it, truly I do. I was grateful for all I had, but there was still this nagging that kept pressing at me, “what’s over there?”

I worked 3 jobs for 3 years to save the money I needed to pay for the first semester of college to help me finish my degree. I stopped going to school because my finances got messed up.

I got married at 21. I just had a baby and I knew this was what I wanted. Soon, baby number 2 showed up. I just got caught up in life. I knew I needed to get back on track to obtain my engineering degree because that degree would silence the roar in my soul shouting, “What's over there?”

I was comfortable. My life was pretty good. Besides having 2 kids, I had been out of college for about 3 years now. When I heard people say, “that's a lot to keep doing with 2 kids,” I wanted to quit. When I heard the mumblings of “you are never satisfied,” I wanted them to know that I was. It's very difficult to explain your desire to soar when you're surrounded by so many people that are grounded.

Exploring “what's over there” helped me strive to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Exploring “what's over there” strengthened me to fight against the odds when I should have graduated a decade before. Exploring “what's over there” encouraged me to get to this point. Right Here, right now, so I can say to you:

  • When you feel the longing in the recesses of your soul that says there's greatness for you over there—Go!

  • When you believe with everything in you that there's more for me than this—Trust!

  • When you have to keep pressing because the seed in your soul must birth your next level—Press!

The longing for “what's over there” is yours to fill. Come with me. Let's explore “what's over there” together. I'm planning a few workshops to help you get there.

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