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Working A Job and A Side Hustle

You have spent all this time imagining the life you want to live. You have looked at enough travel magazines, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts to know where you would like to travel. But the job you have isn’t going to get you there. So, you start a side hustle to get the things you have been dreaming about. You know it takes hard work to get the finer things in life, but working a job and a side hustle is beginning to be too much. Now is the time to truly consider what you want out of life.

What’s the real motive for all this work?

Take some time to do an assessment of your life. Start with some major life categories like family, health, relationships, and finances. Write down what each of these areas really means to you.

I’m serious about the “write it down” part.

When you write, it forces you to truly do the work. You begin to dig deep into the recesses of your soul so you can find out what you truly value. Once you know your motives and values, you are then in a position to start creating the things in your life that you truly desire. Having clarity of your motives and values helps you press through the tough times of working for what you want.

When you know the underlying reason you are doing something and you tie that to your basic beliefs, you will find what’s important to you in life. Creative ways to build the life that you want will start coming to you. You will start being intentional about what you want. This intent will cause you to focus. I have often found that when people start to focus on what life means to them and what they truly want out of it, a revelation of their purpose is revealed.

At this point, you're ready to start refining what your dream life looks like. You'll know whether the job that you have is one that you should keep or the side hustle that you created is one that truly fits your purpose. If you find it’s disconnected, now is the time to begin finding a creative approach that would get you where you want in life. Explore new approaches to your career goals. Explore new insights that really pull out your special gifts and talents so that you can start doing what’s in your soul to give to the world.

If you want to talk more about it, reach out to me so we can have a conversation. I provide insight to my clients about motives and values by giving them an assessment that shows them their core strengths. This helps them to bridge the gap between their personal skills and their professional skills so they can truly build the life they desire.

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