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You Said!!

You said you'd love me forever

You didn't

You said we'd be a family

We weren't

You said it would always be us against the world

Not true

So, here I stand alone

Here I stand bruised

Here I stand lost

But you know what

This too shall pass

This hurt won't last

This moment is temporary, because in me is a strength I didn't know existed

In me is a power, I didn't know would reign

In me is a love, that can't be contained

So, I stand in my strength

I stand in my power

I stand in my love

Yes, mine

I always had it

I always will

I shared it with you

and I'm free to share it again

So, I forgive you for trying to break me

I forgive you for not knowing how to truly love me

I forgive you

Because it frees me

To be my Amazing, Phenomenal self

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